Depending on the contamination of the material to be filtered, residues may be deposited on the filter insert after a certain time.

These residues may include:

  • deposits from the paint lines and undercuts (screw couplings)
  • dried material from the material container
  • agglomerates from the paint materials
  • as well as sediment paint material
These residues are not removed by flushing the paint lines and filters but remain in the filter housing. Non-back flushable filters must therefore be cleaned regularly and the filter insert may also have to be renewed. 
This means that production stops are necessary with the resulting loss of capacity. Interruptions in the painting process always lead to increased rejection rates (start-up waste).
Therefore the aim must be to automatically remove these residues simply by flushing the paint line color change so that the filter insert is always clean and no color carryover can occur caused by the residues.

This is now possible!
We can provide you with the following solution!

The paint filter systems we have developed PURE flow 016-0, 017-0 and 014-0 are back flushable. In this case flushing is not carried out as usual, i. e. in the direction of flow of the paint but in the opposite direction. This means that contaminants that have been deposited on the filter insert can be flushed out the same way back as they have entered the paint line.

Back flushing is done for example during production-free time and of course, at each color change. If you have two filters installed in parallel, production interruptions with the resulting loss of capacity can be completely avoided.

I.e. if due to heavy contamination the throughput of the filter is reduced to an extent that the pump pressure needed to convey the paint material is no longer sufficient, which leads to disturbances in the painting process, you can a switch-over to the second filter.

The contaminated filter will be back flushed, freed of deposits and then come back into operation when the other filter has to be back flushed.

Your system can be retrofitted by maintenance staff at your paint supply with very little effort. Your investment will pay off in no time by reducing downtime and start-up waste.

With filters connected in parallel, any necessary maintenance can be performed during ongoing production.
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